Songwriting at SoundsKool – New!

Songwriting at SoundsKool – new course!

SoundsKool just came out with a wicked new course to get you started at songwriting.

This program was designed by Euan Gray together with very our Vorleak at SoundsKool.



An effective course to become a real artist! The first professional music/artist training in Cambodia, for a fast and effective learning.

This course will lead you to understand what an artist do. You will learn how to play a musical instrument (guitar or piano) and how to sing a song, how to act on the stage, how to compose your own music and you will unleash your talent!

You will learn directly from the “original” Khmer artists. They will share many different experiences and skills, and you will perform what you have learned.

In this program we have Syra Run, Nikki Nikki and Oung Soria – some of the most talented new original artists in Cambodia – wow!

This course is effective from May 2017 – it’s delivered in 14 lessons of 2 hours each – the cost of registration is $392, that’s $14 per hour to learn from 4 amazing artists!



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