Yamaha PSR-EW400


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Portable Performance Powerhouse

The flagship model in the PSR-E series is built for playing live. Easy-to-use professional features, 76-key touch response keyboard, new Live! Grand Piano Voice, computer and external storage connectivity, and L/R output for connecting to a PA system.


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Product Description

  • 758 high-quality voices featuring the new Life! Grand Piano voice
  • 12W + 12W amplifiers with 12 cm Bass Reflexed speakers
  • 76 keys and 48-note polyphony
  • Individual L/R output
  • Assignable real-time control knobs, DSP Effects, and Pitch Bend
  • Connectivity with audio and MIDI capabilities
  • USB TO DEVICE terminal
  • Pattern function to create your own grooves – 25 patterns
  • Arpeggio function
  • Worldwide sounds support your music
  • Yamaha Education Suite (Y.E.S.)
  • Music Database

The PSR-EW400 is the top of the line keyboard in PSR-E Series for both pianos focused players and live performers. The 76-key touch response keyboard, various easy-to-use professional features and new Life! Grand Piano voice makes this a great instrument for practice, performance and creating. 12W + 12W amplifiers drive onboard sound system, and L/R outputs provide professional connectivity to PA systems or recording hardware.

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