Lazer Three tiers Keyboard Stand W/Mi-Boom



  • Foldable for easy transportation
  • 5 adjustable height positions
  • Double braced legs for extra stability and strength
  • Security strap to secure keyboard to stand (check compatibility)keyboard must have holes underneath it for screws to go in.
  • Quick pull release locking system for ease of use.

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Product Description

Product Description

This rack is great for the home user. First off,it is fully adjustable in all directions-up,down,left,right,front,back,and tilt angle. It took a while to set it up for 3 keyboards but once it is set up it is strong, stable and looks great. I have not used this for gigs so I cannot attest to its portability, however being a carpenter used to transporting tool work stations and the like I can make a few suggestions to make this easier. After you have made all the adjustments in the studio/at home from my standpoint the only things you would want to do is collapse the a frame leg support and loosen the tier tilt adjustments on the ends so they lay as flat as possible. Then you will be able to put the whole thing into a van or some other large vehicle for transport. (I can’t envision gigging out of a mini cooper.) When you get to where you’re going the only thing you’ll have to deal with is the tilt angle of each tier. They will already be at the right height. Yes if you want to you could break this unit down to the components it was when you opened the box, but that’s literally rebuilding the whole thing everywhere you go. My thought is the less you do the less can go wrong. That being said you can’t beat this for home use. It is also the only rack of its type that will allow a full-size midi pedal board for organ between its legs-definitely one of my selling points.

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