Dear Parents,

SoundsKool has designed a brand new course for children aged 5 years or younger.

Koolkids Music Program – Starting from 3.5 ~5.5 years old

Our new pre-school music preparatory program is the perfect music foundation before children progress to individual instrumental lessons from 5.0 years old.

Benefits of Koolkids Program:

  • Development and Discovery of 3 Cs
  • Communication
  • Creativity
  • Cognitive Skills

Participating in group activities is great opportunities to learn basics of music, at same time, it develops children’s minds, which positively affect their social behavior, social communication, and academic achievement. Our program is very simple and systematic, unique and fun! It provides exciting music activities with age-appropriate songs and wide range of musical styles for music development and engagement.


Rabbits —age for 3.5~4.5

  • Various Music Activities: Students play and sing in a group, learn steady beats and tempos, and sing in pitch with physical music activities. $8 per lesson

Monkeys —age 4.0~5.0

  • Various Music Learning: Students play and sing in a group, and learn basic knowledges of music history, instruments, world music and composers through various musical activities. $10 per lesson

Tigers —age 4.5~5.5

  • Introductory Music Notation: Students learn how to read music notes with class activities that connect physical and visual music abilities. $12 per lesson

Class Information:

  • 14 weeks per four-months term (13 in term 2, 2017)
  • Weekly Lessons of 50 minutes each class
  • Times: To be decided and available at front desk Tel 012 454 621


About UpBeat Program:

Upbeat™ program is from Australia, suitable for pre-schoolers age 3.5 to 5.5 years.   Perfect music foundation program that provides clear, simple and engaging activities with age-appropriate songs and a wide range of musical topics including historical and geographical styles for musical development.

The KoolKids program was designed by Miss Jess – programs coordinator at SoundsKool.

Register today →

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Songwriting at SoundsKool – new course!

SoundsKool just came out with a wicked new course to get you started at songwriting.

This program was designed by Euan Gray together with very our Vorleak at SoundsKool.



An effective course to become a real artist! The first professional music/artist training in Cambodia, for a fast and effective learning.

This course will lead you to understand what an artist do. You will learn how to play a musical instrument (guitar or piano) and how to sing a song, how to act on the stage, how to compose your own music and you will unleash your talent!

You will learn directly from the “original” Khmer artists. They will share many different experiences and skills, and you will perform what you have learned.

In this program we have Syra Run, Nikki Nikki and Oung Soria – some of the most talented new original artists in Cambodia – wow!

This course is effective from May 2017 – it’s delivered in 14 lessons of 2 hours each – the cost of registration is $392, that’s $14 per hour to learn from 4 amazing artists!



Dear Friends,

What a great day we had at SoundsKool!

Syra Run, a singer song-writer based in Cambodia, is an up and coming artist. She sang 3 songs and even let some students sing along.

This event was sponsored by Aria Guitars. Mr Han, from Aria Cambodia, was there to present Syra with a beautiful Acoustic Electric guitar, and free gifts to the audience.

SoundsKool Music Cambodia often invites Khmer stars to play, last time it was Oung Sorya.

Enjoy the photos below, and follow us on our facebook page!

The guitar played by Syra at the event was Aria PET-F1 > buy it here!

Dear Parents and Students!

Check out these cool events in December – to book your place follow below:

Miss Leak 012 454 621 (School) / Mr. Han 012 698 349 (Instruments)

FREE Guitar lesson

Piano day Gabi revision

Family day Gabi

Guitar day Gabi Revision

Dear parents and students,


Check out these cool events taking place in December 2016. To book your place:

Call Miss leak 012 454 621 (School) / Mr. Han 012 698 349 (Instruments). English/Khmer


Family day Gabi FREE Guitar lesson Guitar day Gabi Revision Piano day Gabi revision

New SoundsKool Group Courses!

Dear Friends, Parents and Students, We have just revised prices (down!) of our existing music courses, but also added some great new ones too. Check it out:

  1. Keyboard Group now $15 per session
  2. Multi Guitar now only $40 per month (for 8 lessons sessions)
  3. Multi Drum now $15 per session (in new drum room)
  4. Mini Music is only $7 per session – for the super young!
  5. Art Class is $7 and its for kids who want to get their hands dirty with colors ))
  6. Mixed Group is $12 and you can play all instruments, in case you are not sure yet

Interested, register straight online > click here >>

Or, call our friendly staff om 012 454 621 / email


Dear Friends and guitar lovers!

Today we had a special day at SoundsKool, with Khmer Songwriter Oung Soria endorsing Aria Guitars right here in our store!

He performed 2 songs for our audience, selected at random from our Facebook fans.

Aria Guitars has truly now began distributing its amazing lineup of guitars in Cambodia. The legendary Japanese maker is famed for its vintage guitars from the 60’s and 70’s but it’s recent batch has been acclaimed by some of the  top guitarists in the world in recent years as being just as good.

Check out photos of the event, where students received free guitar lessons, Aria membership cards and a chance to win 2 Aria classical guitars!

For more info about Aria Guitars in Cambodia drop us a line at


Dear Parents, Students, Friends and Supporters!

SoundsKool is now a recognized RockSchool UK Examination Center offering SoundsKool/RockSchool Music Exams in Cambodia, with the first theory exams taking place in November/December.

Students participating (and passing!) these firsts tests will gain a Theory Debut Certificate which is recognized worldwide. That’s great!


SoundsKool will contribute to the first set of exams, offering extra group classes and tuition to allow student to obtain a THEORY DEBUT CERTIFICATE.

  • All students over the ages of 10, and who have been in our school for 2 terms will be automatically entered.
  • Other students have the option of entering, we will need to check with the parent and teacher.

$55 fee includes the following:

  1. RS Theory Book Debut Stage
  2. In-Class Lessons and Fun/Easy Homework
  3. Group Theory Classes
  4. Exam Entrance Fee
  5. Original International Certificate

For more info call 012 454 621 or email

Piano home styling in Cambodia – Watch the interview with Piano Sales Manager Sokha Lita

– Cambodia’s latest fashion

In what seemed like the unthinkable until just a few years ago, Cambodia’s latest socialites are now designing homes that resemble small castles, and placing Grand Pianos right at the center!

Lita Sokha (Assistant Manager of The Piano Shop Cambodia), explains why this trend is taking place.

  • Lita, explain what is Piano home styling

Piano home styling is the design of a new home (or an existing home) to include a piano somewhere in the house where the surrounding environment is specifically designed to accommodate a piano, for example like stage. In some cases customers have arranged seating and lighting like a small concert theatre too.

  • Why are new villa owners buying grand pianos in Cambodia?

Pianos have an artistic meaning, as well as luxury and stylistic identity. This is something that Khmer families like a lot. Also, the Khmer are very musical and interested in the education of their children. A grand piano can last for 100 years and is passed down generations of families. It represents the ultimate art/luxury accessory for the refined Khmer family.

  • How do they know about your shop?

The Piano Shop is the leading piano dealer in Cambodia, and we are well known for our quality and service. Most customers hear of us via recommendation, which is the best way for us. Our showroom has the largest collection which is hand-picked by our specialists in Europe and Japan, so it’s no surprise most Khmer families come to us first.

  • At what stage of the villa construction do they buy?

Most buy at least 6 months before their new home is ready. In some cases, if customers choose special piano colors, brands and specification (for example auto-players) it can take 3-4 month for delivery. We keep their piano here until the customer is ready for delivery. This is a popular service that we offer.

  • Which brands and which type of pianos do they buy?

We recommend Steinway & Sons (USA), Fazioli (Italy), Kawai (Japan) and Yamaha (Japan). Vintage brands like Apollo (Japan) are also popular. The very wealthy buy new pianos, or vintage restored. They like auto-player because the piano can play by itself with a wi-fi connection to their iphones or ipads. They mostly buy black pianos but sometimes also white depending on their home.

  • How expensive are these pianos?

Steinway and Fazioli can cost $150,000 (USD) and more, because they are hand made from the finest piano houses. Yamaha and Kawai have a great range starting from $14,400, and up to $75,000. Vintage pianos can cost anything in between.

  • What about maintenance, care and service?

We do all of that for our customers, as part of our customer service. We conduct all of this in house, from transportation to final tuning and maintenance. Including a 10-year warranty. Again, this is something that we are famous for, and gives customers peace of mind to invest in their dream piano.


For more information call Lita directly on 092 263 118 or email her at

Our Summer Music Camp in Phnom Penh kicks off in August – Yeah!

Enroll Now Here >> or Call 012 454 621 to enroll over the phone.

Below are details:

  • When? August 2016 (from 1st to 29th)
  • What? Learn Keyboard or Guitar or Drums
  • Where? Street 178, Near Sisowath High School.
  • How Many Hours? 10 Lessons = 10 Hours
  • How Much? $99 per student (includes student bag and course material)




TAKE 2 FRIENDS = 10% discount!