KoolKids at SoundsKool – new course!

Dear Parents,

SoundsKool has designed a brand new course for children aged 5 years or younger.

Koolkids Music Program – Starting from 3.5 ~5.5 years old

Our new pre-school music preparatory program is the perfect music foundation before children progress to individual instrumental lessons from 5.0 years old.

Benefits of Koolkids Program:

Development and Discovery of 3 Cs

  • Communication
  • Creativity
  • Cognitive Skills

Participating in group activities is great opportunities to learn basics of music, at same time, it develops children’s minds, which positively affect their social behavior, social communication, and academic achievement. Our program is very simple and systematic, unique and fun! It provides exciting music activities with age-appropriate songs and wide range of musical styles for music development and engagement.


Rabbits —age for 3.5~4.5

  • Various Music Activities: Students play and sing in a group, learn steady beats and tempos, and sing in pitch with physical music activities. $8 per lesson

Monkeys —age 4.0~5.0

  • Various Music Learning: Students play and sing in a group, and learn basic knowledges of music history, instruments, world music and composers through various musical activities. $10 per lesson

Tigers —age 4.5~5.5

  • Introductory Music Notation: Students learn how to read music notes with class activities that connect physical and visual music abilities. $12 per lesson

Class Information:

  • 14 weeks per four-months term (13 in term 2, 2017)
  • Weekly Lessons of 50 minutes each class
  • Times: To be decided and available at front desk Tel 012 454 621


About UpBeat Program:

Upbeat™ program is from Australia, suitable for pre-schoolers age 3.5 to 5.5 years.   Perfect music foundation program that provides clear, simple and engaging activities with age-appropriate songs and a wide range of musical topics including historical and geographical styles for musical development.

The KoolKids program was designed by Miss Jess – programs coordinator at SoundsKool.

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